Geographically Sustained on tribal belt of South Gujarat serving 5 district Danga, Navsari, Valsad, Surat, Baruch spreaded in area of 18000 sq. kms. Region sharing eastern border with State of Maharastra geologically termed as sedimentary rocks of the deccan trap.

Parents of the students dont have access to farmland or sufficient land or irrigation facilities because of high hilly terrain, large scale Dam projects has forced some of them to dislocate and migrate for manual labor thus creating adverse living conditions.  On work they lives in temporary tents or open to sky. They mainly work in sector like construction (mainly roads), agriculture, chemical and other industry putting into hazardous condition hardly to take care of their kids.

Most of the ethinic origin is from the tribe forming Chaudaris, Gamits, Warli, Kholcha, Bhel, Nayaka Koknas, Vedchi, Vasava. They inhabits the rugged terrain adjoining western ridge of vindhya and satpura mountain range.


We provide free Education, lodging, boarding, food and health care to the tribal children by adopting Education Program setup by Gujarat Education Department Government of Gujarat via Government Tribal Department.

Students of institution are iterial like books, education materials are provided free of cost.

Each Ashramshalla (Boarding School) engages Acharya (Principal 24x7) Teachers, Cook, Gardner, Helper to look after students.

Each school maintains water supply ,healthy sanitation.


After India's Independence in 1947 following Gandhian Path, Congregation of Freedom Fighters and Social Workers Premshankar Bhatt, Jyotsanaben Shukla, Jugatram Dave and Urmilaben Bhatt started Movment in 1948 to spread the light of literacy in Tribal Belt of South Gujarat for ensuring freedom from  social disgrace and backwardness.

Success went by starting 200 People School under shade of trees eventually handed over to Government.

Today after 60 years of establishment Trust through 7 Ashramshalla (Resident School), 2 High Schools, 5 Girls/Boys Hostel with 50 dedicated staff the institute enrolls more than 1200 Tribal students.

Ingress in Gandhian philosophy dressed in white hand woven Khadi Smt. Urmiallben Bhatt popularly known as Kikiben put her blood and soul to spread education. Under thick dense forest without fear of wild animal she roamed village to village by walking or on bullock cart surviving herself only with wild berries.