Premshankar Bhatt

Shri Premshankar K. Bhatt was born on 1893 in small town Mahuva in family of farmer near Mandvi Surat. He the resided in Mandvi till his death in 14-10-1972. During his life time he was called by name 'Kaka' and was well known from Bharuch to umargam. He dedicated his life with philosophy of Gandhiji and promoted Khadi.He had key contribution in Bardoli Satayagrah. Kaka was freedom fighter and went to Jail number of times during Independant movement of India. He was great reformer in girl education and stated Girls High School till SSC in Mandvi Surat. In 1923 he was elected as member in Jilla (District) Local Board and became President in 1948. He was actively involved in cooperative movement in the area. He established Jungle Wood Cooperative Society ( District Jungle Mandli) and created chain between wood cutters and traders for transparency, proper rate to wood cutter labors.He was also member in Surat District Cooperative Bank and Member in Gujarat State Road Transport Cooperation. in 1952 and 1958 he was elected as member in mumbai legislative assembly. He was easily approachable by the people and people used to share their problems with him without any hesitation. He was founder member of 'Dakshin Gujarat Adivasi Sevamandal' to spread education in South Gujarat Tribal belt. Inspired by his life today students are doing P.hd on his social career, life and contribution to the South Gujarat Tribal region.


Urmillaben Bhatt

Urmillaben Bhatt was born on 11-04-1921 at Mandvi Surat, and lived life like a white Nun till her death in year 25-05-1998. She did her graduation in B.A (English) She was Inspired by Ravisankar Maharaj and stayed away from popularity and fame; popularly know by Kikeben creates a first image of simple lady clad in white khadi embraced by Gandhian philosophy a lady of love and natural affection for poor tribal people. She had a very small married life and after her husbands death at early age of 22 years she renounce and devoted her entire life in serving tribal people of sourthern gujarat in area of dense forest of Dharampur, Dang, Pindwal, Nani Vahial, Vasanda, Mandvi. It were the days when sunlight will not touch ground and you survive by eating jungle berries called karamda. A daughter of freedom fighter Premshankar Bhatt she was five time elected as Member of Gujarat Legislature Assembly and served as MLS in state of Maharastra. She was one among the first lady minister in Government of Gujarat and handled portfolio of Roads & Buildings, Jails, Social Welfare. In year 1948 on appeal of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Morarjibhai Desai she started her mission of educating Tribal People and started 250 lok shalla (public school) under trees with no infrastructes That were the days when she travelled in dense forest for days together on bullock carts, and feed herself with jungle fruit karamda. At time of Death she had one bed room flat and only her work to mourn.